Brie Larson Nissan

Captain Marvel Destroyed Nissan

So Nissan decided to go woke, hired the Captain Marvel superstar Brie Larson to feature in their latest Nissan Sentra “Refuse to Compromise” commercial. The result? Well, not very pretty. In fact Nissan had to shut down their YouTube comments section due to the serious backlash it was getting.

If you look at the like/dislike ratio, it’s 4.8k likes and 34k disliikes, which has to be one of the least popular commercials ever on Youtube. The comments are disabled as mentioned earlier.

The commercial started off with a woman being told by her boss that she is not getting promoted for some reason.And then Brie Larson came in and said “drop the taco and get in the car“. It’s almost as if, there is a hidden symbolism – “drop the taco” = abandon femininity and become a man.

The message is all about having uncompromising atiitude. It appears as if vast majority of the women are oppressed at the work place by evil men who are out there to get them. So the advertisement urges all women to stand up and demand promotions with uncompromising attitude. And look where that got them.

At one point, Nissan USA spoke person had to tell the press that they turned off the comments because it was hurting their stock. In addition, one wonders who came up with the idea. If you are not welling to compromise in life, you won’t get far in life. That’s the way how the world works.

In 2015, when MMA champion Ronda Rousey was askedby a reporter about her thoughts on gender pay gaps in sports. She simply replied “I think that how much you get paid should something to do with how much money you bring in. I am nt highest paid fighter because my bosses wanted to do something nice to the ladies, they do it because I make them the most money”.

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