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Why do people really hate Captain Marvel star – Brie Larson?

Despite the fact that Captain Marvel was a huge success at the box office, a lot of fans are clearly unhappy with the Captain Marvel superstar Brie Larson. In fact there was an online petition to replace Brie Larson which gathered nearly 30000 signatures.

But why? Well, because haters gonna hate. Because they are insecure men, incels, far-right white supremacists. Brie Larson is this perfect superstar, the savior of the people of color, the feminist icon that we are all supposed to love, right?

First of all, I think hate is a strong word and I don’t think anybody genuinely wishes some actor a bad life but the problem with the whole Captain Marvel thing is the authenticity. Brie Larson, at one point, set up a GoFundMe campaign to help little girls watch her movie, Captain Marvel. Isn’t that incredibly self-serving? I mean, if girls can’t afford to see the movie, shouldn’t they be getting things that they really need like food and cloth? Who benefits in the end? Disney of course. And it’s probably best if you let others speak of how important your movie is.

It’s all started with her controversial comments during her speech on Crystal Award in 2018.

I mean she could have worded a lot better by saying that she would like to bring more jobs, instead of saying “I don’t need a 40-year-old dude, telling me what doesn’t work for him. ” If you replace that with black, you would be thinking a lot of people lost their jobs with less. However, she did say that she didn’t hate white men and to be fair, the point itself is not as offensive as it appears.

And then she snapped at Chris Hemsworth during an interview where she came across pretty unpleasant.

Here Chris was giving props to his stuntman and then she just interrupted and said she did all her stunts. And the fact that she said “I am not going to be the next Tom Cruise, I am going to be the next me. Thank you veryyyyyy much” didn’t do her any favor.

The there is this “is this a personal attack or something” interview.

The Avengers Endgame movie, itself didn’t make her very likable either. The problem with Marvel is that they are trying to shove down a product that the fans have yet to like. In the Endgame, they had to make nearly everyone useless so that Captain Marvel shine. Hulk was pretty much useless in the battle, so was Spider-man, so was Black Panther, who didn’t do much. Then out-of-shape Thor got tossed around like a man bullying a child. Even Iron Man barely survive a beat down. So they had to do all that to show how powerful Captain Marvel is who ate Thanos head-butt for breakfast.

The fans who are emotionally invested to see how these characters rise above, only to find out that they couldn’t. It’s almost as if Captain Marvel saved them while they were getting their arse kicked. That is a major let down for most of the fans who came to see the original Avengers. Fortunately for Marvel, Captain America and Scarlet Witch had their big moments, if not, that movie would have been awful.

So do you think the backlash was unwarranted? Please share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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