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The real reasons why Birds of Prey failed at the box office

After nearly a month at the box office, Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey approaches $200 million at the box office, which is becoming one of the weakest DC’s performers.

The feminist flick, starring Margot Robbie is the fourth highest-grossing film of 2020, recently being overtaken by Sonic the Hedgehog, which is hardly surprising. Recently, the movie name is changed to “Harley Quinn, Birds of Prey” and unfortunately that doesn’t save them from the box office disaster.

Of course, the film’s defenders blame sexism, even though metrics don’t support that claim as Brad Slager argued in his article: “Box Office Data Prove It Wasn’t Men Who Tanked ‘Birds Of Prey“.

One thing for sure is that the woke people will always find something to blame and never take responsibility for their failure to understand their customers. And it starts with their assumption that misogyny was the root of the problem. If that’s the case, why did Wonder Woman did so well at the box office? The new film, Wonder Woman 1984, will continue to draw its large male audience. The feminists say, “strong women don’t need men” and then the same feminists blame men for not showing up to the movie that is not made for men.

In Marvel, diversity means there is something for everyone, almost every demographic. In Avengers Infinity War and Endgame , they had Black Panther for the people of color, British actors in Spiderman and Doctor Strange , for the UK market, strong female characters such as Captain Marvel and hunks for the female audience, so on. In Phase 4, they are going to include Asians for the same reason.

“The movie didn’t pull teenage boys because Margot Robbie didn’t want Harley Quinn to be sexualized as she was in Suicide Squad.” said comic book legend Gerry Conway. Hi Gerry, if we replace Jason Momoa with let’s say, Edward Norton in the Aquaman, do you think there will be a lot of women coming to see the movie?

The fact is that attractive women, don’t mind looking attractive, ask Shakira and J lo. The unattractive women came up with this concept called “sexual objectification” in an attempt to bring others down so that they feel better about themselves, just like they did to F1 grid-girls. News flash, both men and women being “sexualized” on the big screen, and the ones who don’t get to be in those positions are the ones complaining.

The fact that the whole Birds of prey movie is populated by despicable men, doesn’t make the movie relatable to most people. It’s not just the men, most women who are in relationships do not find men-hating relatable. Men in relationships don’t find anti-man movies very enjoyable. Single men and teenage boys don’t find lecturing very relatable. So you are left with single unattractive uber “feminists” and hardcore comics readers.

The movie doesn’t just hate men, it also hates women as it didn’t show a very high opinion on them. It’s disturbing to see that the cocktails of violence, self-destructive tendencies, and slut culture are sold as empowerment to young females.

There is a reason why people say get woke, go broke. The moviegoers, in general, don’t like to be lectured and Hollywood has yet to learn their lesson.

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